The Training for Work programme is up to 13 weeks long from Monday to Friday. We actively assist in finding a job that will closely match your interest and skills. We take the time to know you better so we can confidently promote you to a prospective employer.


It’s not just about getting a job but staying employed and doing well in it. We help transition you into employment and keep in touch with you for up to 6 months.





Key Benefits

There are plenty of opportunities for us to help you:

  • Identify your strengths and skills relevant to your job application
  • Navigate towards your chosen field
  • Create work routines and help you set goals
  • Improve your job searching techniques and job application processes
  • Create effective CVs and cover letters
  • Enhance your personal presentation e.g. dressing for success
  • Communicate more effectively e.g. body language and interpersonal skills
  • Build your confidence in a supportive environment
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Learn how to build and maintain good relationships with your future employer
  • Expand your career network


Give it a Go

You can talk to your case manager @ Work and Income or call us on 0800 TrainMe and have a chat with us.