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The National Certificate in Security (Level 3) follows on from Security Level 2 and offers fitness training to industry requirements, lessons on various aspects of the law, electronic surveillance, terrorism and more...

This Level 3 course is FEES FREE for students aged 17-19 and provides the opportunity to gain credits towards NCEA Level 3. This certificate is a nationally recognised qualification for students who are seeking employment in the security industry and other related sectors.

Please note: This course is for students who have completed the National Certificate in Security (Level 2).

About This Course

Over the course off 22 weeks, you will gain a broad range of skills and knowledge common to all security offices. You will learn about protective security, and how to operate electronic security equipment. Respond to emergencies and critical situations, while demonstrating how to lawfully use force, manage security incidents, breaches and suspects.

Learn about security staff interaction with the legal system, how to manage violence and personal safety, and the threat presented by terrorism. Experience first-hand how to maintain security and safety at events, as well as access control and patrolling of events.

Successful graduates can move into employment in a range of security roles. This programme is also designed to provide a pathway into further training in the police or defence forces.


Programme and dates are subject to change.

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Key Information


National Certificate in Security


Level 3



Duration The minimum amount of time it takes to complete this qualification.

22 weeks

Entry requirements

Minimum requirements
Any minimum or preferred criteria for entry to this qualification.

FEES FREE for students aged 17-19
Available to students aged 20+ at a fee of $3,024.00
Students must have graduated the National Certificate in Security (Level 2).
While you are not required to be fit at the time of enrolment, students should be aware that physical training is a daily occurrence on the course and participation is mandatory.

Tuition fees

Total qualification
Youth Guarantee Available Yes
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Student Fees Fees apply for students aged 20+

Note: All Key Information is the most recent available relating to domestic students. For more detailed information refer to Course Documents.

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Course Documents

Career Opportunities

Army Soldier - Hōia Ope Tauā

Army soldiers defend their country, keep the peace and provide disaster relief. Check out this website:

Security Officer/​Guard - Āpiha Whakamarumaru/​Tūtei Whakamarumaru

Security officers/guards patrol or guard an area or building to prevent fire, trespassing, theft or vandalism. They may also complete investigations for individuals and businesses, or provide personal protection to a client.

Corrections Officer - Āpiha Whare Herehere

Corrections officers are responsible for the safe, secure and humane containment of prisoners. They manage prisoners' sentence plans and rehabilitation programmes to help reduce reoffending.

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Campus Start Date Domestic International *

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Security Level 3 Youth

You will need to contact StudyLink for the answer to this. All of our programmes have been approved by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) and, as such, all New Zealand students that enrol in a programme of study can apply to StudyLink.

We can provide free transport/travel allowance for students aged 16-19 at our North Island Campuses.

For students who live close to campus we can provide travel allowance to cover the cost of public transport.

For students who live far from campus we have free pick up and drop off each day.

Contact us for more information on which option you would be eligible for as some conditions do apply.


You don't need to be fit to begin with! Over the duration of the course we'll train you up to the physical fitness requirements for the industry

We prefer to only take on students who are 17+ as you need to be 18 to gain you Certificate of Approval. The closer you are to 18 at the beginning of the course, the better. We can still take on 16 year olds, however, they wont be able to get their certificate of Approval during the course.

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