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Looking for a job? We can help you!

TrainMe has placed hundreds of people into employment, and we can do the same for you!

TrainMe delivers the Employment Placement Services programme for up to 20 weeks, at our Hamilton campus. We actively assist in finding a job that will closely match your interest and skills. We take the time to know you better, so we can confidently promote you to a prospective employer.

We help transition you into employment and keep in touch with you for up to 6 months. We believe that "Changing lives through Learning" is not only about getting a job, it's also about getting ahead. It isn't just about surviving; it's also about thriving. We help equip you with the tools needed to get ahead, thrive, and succeed. Small successes lead to big successes. Small steps are pathways to success. Our programme will be delivered in a way that matches the client’s needs. We can be working in a group/ team, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, on-line / distance learning or face to face.

When you join our Employment Placement Services programme, you can gain industry certificates and work experience, your NZ Drivers licences, references for your CV, and a boost in your confidence!

You will learn a variety of important skills and knowledge that will help you in your new job, such as work routines and what employers want from their employees, good work ethics and habits, and an understanding of barriers and how to overcome them. Other supports we provide for students include travel allowance, dressing for interviews, grooming services for men, upskilling for industry-specific certificates e.g. barista, site safe, first aid, driving and many more...

This programme is for:

  • Those who have recently lost their job through Covid-19
  • Those who have been in the workforce for a long time but need support in job applications
  • Those who need to update their CV
  • Those who need to enhance their CV
  • Those who need to brush up on their interview skills
  • Those who are returning to the workforce
  • Those who have just graduated from High School, Polytech, or University
  • Those who need to up-skill
  • Those who are considering changing careers
  • Those who have never worked before and don’t know where to start


Through Employment Placement Services, you will learn:

  • Basic Computer skills
  • Budgeting
  • Job search skills
  • Interview preparation
  • CV and Cover Letter writing workshop
  • Communication and public speaking skills
  • Goal setting
  • Add value to your skills and experience
  • Body language and how it can impact on your employment chances
  • The job application process
  • Interpersonal skill (body languages, negotiation, customer service interaction)
  • Team-building skills
  • And much more!


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Talk to your case manager @ Work and Income about being referred to TrainMe's Employment Placement Services or call us on 0800 TrainMe and have a chat with us!

This programme is for those aged 18 years and above only.



Looking for work-ready employees?

Our free service can alleviate the pressure of finding the right employee who can start immediately.

We work with our referrals for up to 30 hours per week for up to 20 weeks to:

  • pre-screen potential employees for your vacancy
  • observe first-hand and provide honest recommendations of time management, teamwork and communication skills
  • instil in them the importance of having the right attitude and work ethic

If required, employers may offer their preferred candidate a no-obligation work trial.


TrainMe's Employment Placement Services do it all for you AT NO COST!

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